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Go on an adventure on the flower island aboard the Visio Tours convertible bus !


In half a day we will make you discover the fauna and flora Martinique in a warm atmosphere. You will enjoy a quality service provided by a qualified multilingual staff and connoisseur of the territory.


Several snacks will be offered at each stop of the tour to make you taste the local flavors of the country in a suitable environment.


Different formulas are available to you, for you to choose the one that suits you.

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Banana Tour

An immersion in the world of banana and rum production in Martinique in museums. An excursion that will make you discover the culture of Martinique.

4 hours

30 €


Volcano Tour

Go on an excursion in the north of the island to discover the vegetation and the history of the eruption of the Mount Pelee volcano in 1902 which has strongly affected the city of Saint-Pierre.

4 hours

30 €


Rainforest Tour

Discover the forests of the island with their many rivers. An excursion full of freshness and enthusiasm

during which we will also discover the Depaz distillery.

4 hours

30 €


Diamond Tour

An excursion in the south of the island to discover the museum of pottery and seashells. You will see the statues of the Cape 110 Memorial and will know the history of the slave trade.

4 hours

40 €